NEB hearing on change to Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline route in Chilliwack begins Monday

Transmountain pipeline construction in Alberta.

Intervenors in hearing include the City of Chilliwack, WaterWealth, and S’ólh Téméxw Stewardship Alliance

The National Energy Board (NEB) will hold an oral hearing beginning on Monday, Jan. 15 to consider an application from Trans Mountain Pipeline to alter part of the proposed route for the Trans Mountain Expansion project in the City of Chilliwack, according to an NEB press release.

The hearing will be held at the Coast Chilliwack Hotel. The approved corridor for the pipeline in Chilliwack follows a BC Hydro right of way between 500 kV overhead transmission lines.

When the federal government approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in Nov. 2016, it approved a pipeline corridor which averages about 150 m in width.

The company is now proposing a change to the approved corridor in Chilliwack.

Trans Mountain has proposed re-routing 1.8 km of the new pipeline so that it would be within the existing Trans Mountain pipeline right of way.

Once the NEB has issued a decision on Trans Mountain’s application for the Chilliwack Route Realignment, the NEB will then begin the detailed route process for this segment of the route.

The NEB Hearing Panel will hear from intervenors including the City of Chilliwack, WaterWealth, and the S’ólh Téméxw Stewardship Alliance.

The NEB says it recognizes Indigenous Peoples oral tradition for sharing stories, lessons, and knowledge from generation to generation. As this information cannot always be shared adequately in writing, the NEB intends to hear Oral Traditional Evidence from the S’ólh Téméxw Stewardship Alliance on Jan. 15.

The hearing is scheduled to run until Friday, Jan. 19. Those unable to attend the hearing in person can access both a live audio feed and a daily transcript at


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