Markham Hislop – journalist, publisher

Our clients are clean energy/technology companies, trade associations, and professionals with a great story to tell. Sound like you? Read on.

Markham Hislop’s interviews of global energy and climate experts are the basis for Energi Media’s video, podcast, and written journalism, which is posted to the Energi Student Resources portal. That skill and expertise is also used to create communications, advertising, and marketing content for our clients. Then we integrate the client’s content (appropriately disclosed) into Energi Student Resources, where we also offer advertising opportunities. Clients are encouraged to use the content as part of their own campaigns.

Value proposition

Energi Media is different.

  • Unique energy and climate journalism attracts your customers
  • Unique interview-based communications and marketing content communicates your messages 
  • Unique demographics in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia
  • Unique content portal – Energi Student Resources

What is Energi Student Resources?

Wiki-style portal where Energi Media journalism and client-sponsored content is posted to be used by students, educators, and influencers.

Type of journalism content:

  • Video interviews with global energy and climate experts
  • Energi Talks podcasts with global energy and climate experts
  • Written investigative reports and Markham On Energy columns
  • Energy and climate articles from trusted sources like the International Energy Agency

What we do

  • Create interview-based video, audio, and written content for clients
    • Posted on Energi Student Resources and clearly identified as per ethics guidelines
    • Distributed and promoted on Energi Media mailing lists, social media accounts
    • Content can be used by the client on their social media accounts, website, email lists, etc.
  • Advertising: Insert graphic, video, or audio advertising in journalism content on Energi Student Resources
    • Create advertising content

Type of communications, advertising, and marketing content created by Energi Media

  • Video: recorded Zoom interviews with client or expert provided by client that can edited to create a variety of communications tools
  • Podcasts: host, produce, and edit audio interviews for clients
  • Written: 35 years experience in journalism and communications writing


  • 16 to 25-year old high school, college, and university students
  • Influencers: executives, policymakers, technical experts, academics, civil servants, etc.
  • Audiences in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia

Sponsor Energi Student Resources

If your organization would like to support the work of Energi Student Resources but it doesn’t require communications services, consider sponsoring the portal. Sponsors set the value of their sponsorship at a level that is comfortable for them. And we discuss opportunities with the sponsor for Energi Media to provide non-communications value.

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Markham Hislop