bioenergy graph 1

bioenergy graph 1

Source: EF2023

Description: This combined stacked bar graph illustrates bioenergy use in 2020, 2035, and 2050 in petajoules for the three different scenarios, CM (Current Measures), CNZ (Canada Net-zero), and GNZ (Global Net-zero). The bioenergy amounts are shown under eight categories: biohydrogen, bioelectricity, sustainable aviation fuel, biodiesel, ethanol, heating and other, renewable diesel, and renewable natural gas (RNG). The right axis shows the percentage contribution to end-use energy from all bioenergy types (black bullets). The figure shows that bioenergy use increases in all 3 scenarios with highest increase seen in CNZ scenario. Sustainable aviation fuel, RNG, bioelectricity, and biohydrogen are main contributors to increasing demand in CNZ and GNZ scenarios. Biodiesel and renewable diesel use see a moderate increase, whereas ethanol use sees a decrease in CNZ and GNZ scenarios. To see an animated version of this graph, click here.

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