bioenergy graph 1

bioenergy graph 1

Sources: EPRI, Bioenergy Production, Torchlight Bioresources, Renewable Natural Gas (Biomethane) Feedstock Potential in Canada.

Description: The graph highlights the different types of biomass feedstocks by category. The graph includes six different feedstock categories. Urban waste includes waste cooking oil, municipal solid waste,Definition* pulp mill sludge, biosolids, source separated organics,Definition* and wastewater. Livestock residue includes animal manure, animal oils, and animal fats. Agricultural residue includes flaxseed residue, corn residue, canola residue, soybean residue, wheat residue, sugarcane pulp, and barley residue. Forestry residue includes wood mill residue and wood harvest residue. Forestry includes fuelwood and firewood. Purpose-grown energy crops include soybean, wheat, canola, switchgrass, miscanthus, hybrid-poplar, and willow. The feedstocks in the illustration are not an exhaustive list.

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