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Dashboard 1

Sources: Canada Energy Regulator Estimated Values.

Data from:

Biomass Inventory Mapping and Analysis Tool (BIMAT) – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Torchlight Bioresources, Renewable Natural Gas (Biomethane) Feedstock Potential in Canada
Navius Research. Biofuels in Canada 2021,
Statistics Canada, Table 32-10-0125-01 Cattle and calves, farm and meat production,
Canada Forestry Services – Forest area harvested on private and Crown lands in Canada.
Description: The graph highlights each province’s estimated annual maximum primary energy potential from currently available biomass feedstocks. The annual maximum primary energy potential is divided to six different feedstock types: purpose-grown energy crops, crop residue, forestry, forestry residue, urban waste, and livestock residue. Purpose-grown energy crops are estimated based on 3% prime landFootnote5 use. Forestry is estimated based on a 5% wood supplyFootnote6 use. The estimated values do not include animal fats, animal oils, and waste cooking oil.

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