Canadian pipeline graph 1

Canadian pipeline graph 1

Source: CER

Description: This combined area and line chart illustrates quarterly throughput and capacity on three major oil export pipelines from 2016 to 2021. On the Trans Mountain Pipeline, capacity and throughputs decreased in Q4 due to the pipeline’s precautionary 21-day shut down in November 2021 and incremental return to service following extreme weather events and flooding in B.C. On the Enbridge Mainline at the ex-Gretna key point, capacity and throughput increased in October 2021 due to the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project becoming fully in-service. Keystone Pipeline continues to operate at full capacity. At times, throughput can exceed reported available capacity because of changes that occur between when the available capacity was reported and shipments occur (for example, changes to the proportion of product types being transported, unplanned outages and downstream constraints). To see an animated version of this graph, click here.

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