Dashboard 1

Dashboard 1

Source: CEEDC, NAICS Database – Energy, Emissions, and Production for Canadian Industry

Description: These stacked area charts show electricity generated in terawatt-hours (TWh) (top) and greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions from that electricity generation in megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt of CO2) (bottom), by energy-intensive industry, and by fuel type, for the years 2005, 2010, and 2015-21. Industries include oil and gas extraction, metal and non-metal mining, wood and paper products manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and other manufacturing. The latter category is made up of aluminum smelting and refining, and to a much lesser extent petroleum products and food manufacturing. Fuels include natural gas, wood, spent pulping liquor, hydro, wind, solar, and other fuels–mostly refined petroleum products.

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