renewable diesel

renewable diesel

Sources and Description
Sources: Alberta Farmer Express, Tidewater Midstream, Storage Terminals Magazine, Cresta Fund Management, Renewables Now, OGJ, CTV News, CBC News, Enerkem.

Description: This map shows the location of the planned renewable diesel plants in Canada. The size of the circles at each location indicates the capacity of each facility. The facilities included are the Burnaby refinery, Tidewater facility to be built near the St George refinery in BC, the Covenant energy plant near Estevan, SK, Braya Renewable Fules (formerly Come-by-Chance refinery), NL, an Imperial Oil new facility near the Strathcona refinery in Edmonton, AB, the Varennes Carbon Recycling facility in Quebec and a new facility near the Co-op Refinery Complex in Regina, SK.

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