Change is hard, for people and businesses, because no one likes life to be disrupted. Change is even harder if we don’t understand it. Energy journalist Markham Hislop connects the dots, explaining technology-driven change and disruption with a combination of expert interviews, evidence, and stories of the people on the frontlines of the global energy transition. If your organization is grappling with technology change and disruption, Markham’s insightful speeches and presentations are invaluable.

“The gold standard for energy journalism is high-quality sources,” says Hislop. “Whether it’s industry professionals, economists and researchers, or high profile thought leaders, on-the-record interviews are the basis of all good journalism, including ours. That journalism is the foundation of my speeches and presentations.”

Markham interviews respected experts – often via video that can be incorporated into his presentations – sharing their insights and teasing out the trends that are transforming the energy industry. Expert observations are supplemented by insights gleaned from Markham’s own technology adoption model that identifies the accelerators and constraints affecting the pace of energy technology diffusion.

The benefit for Energi Media speaking clients? Analysis you won’t find anywhere else. 

This unique approach to unpacking energy news stories sets Markham apart from other speakers on energy topics.  

Tales from the low-carbon future: Markham’s speeches/presentations

Markham’s Biography

The global energy system is changing – with profound consequences for Canada – and Markham Hislop is the journalist who unpacks the stories about the technologies, policies, and personalities behind this disruptive transformation. He is the author of The New Alberta Advantage: Technology, policy, and the future of the oil sands that explains why the producers of what was once the world’s dirtiest oil are now decarbonizing production to gain a competitive advantage in Asian markets. He is a frequent guest of radio talk shows across B.C. and Alberta, commenting on the latest energy issues for hosts like Charles Adler (Corus national), Ryan Jespersen (630CHED), and Adam Stirling (1070CFAX).

Want to understand the connection between electric cars and oil wells? Markham connects the dots with data, expert interviews, and fascinating stories about the people on the frontlines of the energy transition.

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably run across Markham, who takes flak from both the left and the right for his controversial journalism. In a polarized world where energy has become a battlefield between supporters of fossil fuels and climate policy/renewable energy, Markham follows the evidence and reports it accurately regardless of the toes he steps on in the process. 

The New Alberta Advantage: Technology, policy, and the future of the oil sands

This is the story of the oil sands industry responding to the global transition away from fossil fuels, innovating and deploying new technologies to reduce the carbon-intensity of their crude oil below that of their competitors. Essential reading for Canadians who want to understand how producers of “dirty oil” became climate change visionaries.

Disruption is coming to the Alberta oil patch. Oil sands companies saw it coming and years ago began preparing for a low-carbon future. Innovation to increase efficiency both lowers costs and greenhouse gas emissions, making their bitumen and heavy crude oil “carbon and cost-competitive.” The goal is to be competitive in foreign markets, especially China and India, for the next 50 years. That strategy required a different policy framework, so in 2014 the CEOs kick started talks with environmental groups about climate change policies like carbon pricing and an oil sands emissions cap.

For the first time, all the dots are connected between global energy and technology trends, responses by the Alberta energy industry, and the inside story behind the headlines that have shaken up the Canadian energy policy debate.


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–  Oil Sands Conference & Tradeshow
– Alberta Federation of Labour
– Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
– Husky Energy

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