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Asia is home to the fastest-growing economies and the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. What happens in countries like China and India will profoundly affect the global energy transition and climate fight.


USA, China, Europe and the clean energy “arms race” – anchor story with Barbara Finamore, senior attorney and Asia Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

Time for the United States to compete with China in global clean energy finance – Energi Talks podcast with Dr. Johannes Urpelainen of Johns Hopkins

China rises and America is nervous – Energi Talks podcast with John Kemp, Reuters energy columnist

China’s 2060 carbon neutrality pledge – Energi Talks podcast with Dr. Akshat Rathi, BloombergNEF energy/climate journalist

China’s e-bus stock to surpass 1 million mark by 2023 – Energi Media article

China to launch subsidy-free solar, wind power – Energi Media 2019 article

China spends big to boost domestic oil production, increase energy security – 2019 article by economist Ed Hirs


Nuclear reactor restarts in Japan displace LNG imports in 2019 – Energi Media article


India’s projected energy consumption – Energi Media article

Electricity markets in India, Africa, and Asia – Energi Media article

India to introduce electric vehicles, alternate fuels policies – Energi Media 2018 article

India has opportunity to build a new energy future – Energi Media article


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