The Energi Declaration: An Optimistic, Moderate Vision of Canada’s Energy Future  – by Markham Hislop

The Energi Vision for Canadian Oil and Gas: Preparing for a Post-Combustion Future. – by Markham Hislop

Managing the energy transition: Pathways to Canada’s net-zero future – Anchor story interview with economist Jason Dion, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Canada’s energy dysfunction – video interview with Prof. Monica Gattinger

Canadian wind, solar companies expect 2021 to be banner year – video interview with Robert Hornung, CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association

Recycle 95% of lithium-ion batteries? Canadian company leads industry – video interview with Tim Johnston of Li-cycle

Canadian Arctic sea ice’s rapid disappearance a serious problem – video interview with Prof. Warwick Vincent

Thumbs up from industry for Ottawa’s new hydrogen strategy.  – video interview with Mark Kirby, CEO of Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

30% fewer jobs in Canadian oil patch by 2040 (or sooner)? New report on automation, digital tech – video interview with Lance Mortlock re. EY study

2-degree global warming scenario ends Canadian LNG expansion. – video interview with Kateryna Filippenko of Wood Mackenzie

Efficiency Canada releases energy efficiency scorecard

Oil/gas, automotive narratives impede Canadian EV adoption – video interview with Dr. Nathan Lamphers

It’s in Canada’s economic interest to be inside Biden’s clean energy tent – video interview with Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada

Canadian cities, towns play key role in renewable energy revolution – video interview with Dr. Kirby Calvert, Community Energy Knowledge Action Partnership

Cheap Middle East LNG undercuts viability of Canadian projects – video interview with Karen Tam Wu, Pembina Institute


Time to re-imagine how Canada retrofits buildings to reduce emissions AND costs – video interview with Ralph Torrie, co-author, “Canada’s Climate Retrofit Mission: Why the climate emergency demands an innovation-oriented policy for building retrofits.”

72% of new vehicle sales must be EVs by 2030 for Ottawa to hit emissions targets – video interview with Brian Livingston, co-author, “Driving Ambitions: The Implications of Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector by 2030.”

Integrated Canada and US power grid goal of new advocacy group – video interview with Philip Duguay, managing director, of Canada Grid

The Arrow rises again: Canadian auto parts association creates home-grown EV – interview with Flavio Volpe, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

Is Canada ready to transition from oil/gas to electricity? – video interview with Dr. Monica Gattinger, University of Ottawa

Which policy levers does Trudeau pull to meet new climate targets? – video interview with economist Michael Bernstein, Canadians for Clean Prosperity

2021 federal budget signals Ottawa’s greater focus on clean energy and tech, not oil and gas – video interview with Dr. Stewart Prest, political scientist with Simon Fraser University

Handy list of Canadian climate regulations – video interview with Marla Orenstein of the Canada West Foundation

How ready is YOUR province for a low-carbon future? – video interview with Weseem Ahmed, analyst for the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Klein vs Hislop: Battle climate change like it’s WWII? – Energi Talks podcast with Dr. Seth Klein, author of “A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency”

Canada missing opportunities to develop EV manufacturing?

Canadian Northern Corridor would allow energy to move freely across country – video interview with economist Dr. Kent Fellows

Canada’s energy sector vulnerable to cyber-attacks by organized crime, malicious govts, hackers – video interview with cyber-security expert David Masson

Who knew Canada’s heavy industry enjoys a low-carbon advantage over global competitors? – video interview with Sarah Petrevan, federal policy analyst for Clean Energy Canada


Airborne transmission of COVID-19 not properly acknowledged by Alberta Health, say concerned nurses – video interview with Josh Bergman of United Nurses of Alberta

The Delta variant and kids: Should parents be concerned? – video interview with Prof Paul Tupper, director, Cognitive Science Program, Simon Fraser University

$20 do-it-yourself COVID-19 air purifier for school classrooms – video interview with Barry Hunt, scientist and inventor

Metrics we need to understand COVID-19 – video interview with biostatistician Ryan Imgrund

COVID-19 management poll: Horgan scores top marks, Kenney the worst – video interview with pollster Mario Canseco of Research Co.

Do Canadians support doctors, nurses less now than at start of COVID-19 pandemic? – video interview with Calgary ER physician Dr. Joe Vipond

Doctor distraught after long day of treating COVID-19 patients- video interview with Dr. Daisy Fung

Casual lunch with a friend leads to COVID hell–  video interview with engineer Dr. Dave Shook

British Columbia – COVID-19

Why are anti-vax protests so deranged and what can we do about them? – video interview with Dr. Clare McGovern, Simon Fraser University

Alberta – COVID-19

Sloppy public health orders. Forgeable vaccine passports. How much worse can it get in Alberta? – video interview with Prof. Lorian Hardcastle, University of Calgary

Jason Kenney’s got blood on his hands – interview with Prof. Duane Bratt, Mount Royal University

Alberta Health COVID-19 modelling “incompetent,” not to be trusted – video interview with Dr. Gosia Gasperowicz, University of Calgary

Alberta Health had advanced modelling a month ago that showed steep rise in COVID-19 infections – video interview with Prof Paul Tupper, director, Cognitive Science Program, Simon Fraser University

Why is the Alberta govt making such poor COVID-19 management choices? – video interview with Prof. Lorian Hardcastle, University of Calgary

Ask Ottawa to send in the military, Jason Kenney, say Alberta healthcare unions – video interview with Gil McGowan, president, Alberta Federation of Labour

Calgary ER doctor dispirited by collapse of Alberta hospital system caused by COVID-19 surge – video interview with Dr. Joe Vipond

What about the kids? Delta variant-fuelled 4th wave threatens to engulf Alberta acute care – video interview with Dr. Shazma Mithani, Edmonton ER doctor

Nurses already overwhelmed by COVID-19, not sure how they will cope with next wave – video interview with Edmonton nurse Carolyn Howe-Riddell

Saskatchewan – COVID-19

With ICUs full, Saskatchewan days away from Alberta-style COVID-19 crisis – video interview with Dr. Alexander Wong

2021 Canadian Election

CPC narrows climate, energy election platform gap with other parties, but is it enough? – video interview with energy journalist Shawn McCarthy

What’s federal role as Canadian electricity systems prepare for low-carbon future? – video interview with Prof. Sara Hastings-Simon, University of Calgary,
How will environment, climate issues play out if Trudeau calls an election this fall? – video interview with Prof. Stewart Prest, Simon Fraser University

British Columbia

BC is first province to set sectoral GHG emissions reduction targets – video interview with Neil Dobson, executive director of CleanBC Implementation, Climate Action Secretariat, Government of British Columbia

Should Site C proceed? Only under certain conditions, says new study – video interview with economist Dr. Kent Fellows

BC trying to electrify industry with new rates and funding, but is it enough? – video interview with Ron Monk, consulting engineer


Environmental groups respond to bizarre draft report from Allan Inquiry – video interview with Dr. Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada

Oil/gas liability management

Changes to oil sands liability regime “misguided,” Kenney govt misled Albertans – video interview with lawyer Drew Yewchuk

Oil sands given unnecessary break from already weak environmental liability payments – video interview with Nina Lothian, Pembina Institute

Alberta’s orphan well crisis and the need for asset liability management reform – video interview with Braeden Larson of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary

$100 million loan to clean up orphan wells can’t fix source of problem: collapsing jr oil/gas sector – video interview with Regan Boychuk

Alberta’s (potential) oil and gas orphan well crisis…is there a solution? – video interview with economist Grant Bishop, CD Howe Institute

Behind closed doors: Alberta Energi Regulator, industry set liability management rules – video interview with lawyer Drew Yemchuk, sessional lecturer/staff lawyer with the University of Calgary’s Public Interest Law Clinic

No consultation or explanation for worrying changes to Alberta oil/gas environmental monitoring – video interview with Prof. Shaun Fluker of the University of Calgary law school

Think the Alberta orphan well situation is bad? It’s much worse – Zoffee with Regan Boychuk of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project

Not enough oversight of $1.7 billion for orphan/inactive well cleanup – video interview with Regan Boychuk of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project

Alberta’s (potential) oil and gas orphan well crisis…is there a solution? – video interview with Grant Bishop of CD Howe Institute


New “hub” to spur hydrogen development coming to Edmonton – video interview with Dan Wicklum, executive director of the Transition Accelerator

Electricity System

Net-zero electricity system by 2050 is doable, but needs provinces to cooperate with Ottawa – video interview with Dr. Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University and co-author of, “A Zero Emission Canadian Electricity System by 2035.”

Preparing for an uncertain future: Modernizing the Alberta power grid – video interview with Olexandr Vasetsky, Alberta Utilities Commission

New report addresses future of Alberta power grid – video interview with economist Dr. Blake Shaffer

Move over Alberta gas, wind and solar now the cheapest form of energy  – video interview with economist Dr. Blake Shaffer

Alberta sales tax, consumer carbon tax proposed by business group – video interview with economist Mike Holden of the Business Council of Alberta

Alberta slowly adapting to energy transition – interview with economist Todd Hirsch

Stop poisoning wolves to save caribou, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Oil sands are low-cost, competitive producers – economist – interview with economist Kevin Birn of IHS MarkIt

You may be surprised what Albertans REALLY think about the energy transition. Interview  – video interview with Prof. Melanee Thomas

Canadian oil/gas companies’ plans to reduce GHG emissions far ahead of US producers – survey – video interview with Jeremy McCrea, energy director, Raymond James Ltd.


Brad Wall review of Manitoba Hydro raises privatization concerns – video interview with Dr. Christopher Adams, adjunct professor, political studies, University of Manitoba


Toronto city council endorses Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – video interview with Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 11)

The Lake Erie Connector: $1.7 billion boondoggle mostly paid for by Canadian taxpayers? – video interview with Prof. Mark Winfield, York University

Small modular nuclear reactor for Ontario by 2028? OPG says it’s possible – video interview with Robin Manley, VP for nuclear development, Ontario Power Generation

Why do Ontario cities (including Toronto) want to stop using natural gas for generating electricity? – video interview with Prof. Mark Winfield, York University

Ontario failing on climate change as GHG emissions rise

Huge utility-scale battery project planned for SW Ontario – video interview with Jason Rioux of NRStor Inc. about Oneida Energy Storage project

Ontario First Nations tapping clean energy business opportunities – video interview with Matt Jamieson, CEO, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation


Quebec banning sale of gasoline cars in 2035 – video interview with Joanna Kyriazis, EV policy analyst for Clean Energy Canada

Ottawa, Quebec kick in $50 million for new $160 million Lion Electric battery factory – video interview with Joanna Kyriazis, EV policy analyst for Clean Energy Canada


Solar-powered greenhouses in the Yukon? Even in the winter?


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