Policy by regional and national governments is increasingly a driver of the energy transition. This section will examine the different types of policies countries are using to hasten the adoption of clean energy technologies.


Canadian Energy Politics for Dummies, a refresher for the rest of us – Markham On Energy column

Markham debates former MLA Derek Fildebrandt debates about WEXIT, Wildrose Independence Party

Is Alberta the tall blade of grass? Political conflict with Ottawa over climate policy – video interview with energy journalist Shawn McCarthy


Oil/gas, automotive narratives impede Canadian EV adoption – video interview with Dr. Nathan Lemphers

Notley vs. Kenney: Competing energy narratives for 2019 Alberta election – Markham On Energy video

Think the Canadian energy conversation is polarized now? Just wait awhile…. – Markham On Energy column

The “Great Reset” has already begun, just not the one feared by conspiracy theorists – Markham On Energy video

‘Energy apologetics,’ not rational discussion about Canadian oil and gas, is what CEOs are really up to – Markham On Energy column

Oil demand is strong until 2040, right? How govt, industry are misleading Albertans (and all Canadians) – Markham On Energy column

Industry caught red-handed with anti-climate plan – video interview with Dr. Sara Hastings-Simon, Colorado School of Mines

Canadians ready to compromise on energy options? – video interview with Monica Gattinger of Positive Energy, University of Ottawa

Albertans ARE oil and gas – video interview with pollsters Janet Brown and John Santos

Canadians are polarized about energy. Is that bad for the national energy conversation? – Zoffee with Monica Gattinger of Positive Energy, University of Ottawa

Are Alberta Fair Deal Panel’s energy recommendations a bust? Ted Morton thinks they’re just fine – video interview with Prof. Ted Morton, University of Calgary

Ethical oil is dead: Saudi Arabia is buying shares of Alberta’s oil sands companies – video interview with Max Fawcett, energy journalist

How’s Calgary feeling in midst of oil price war + COVID-19 crisis? – video interview with communicator Doug Lacombe of Communicato

Federal oil/gas bailout: Once again, Canada having the wrong conversation about energy future – Markham On Energy column


Jason Kenney launches the Alberta witch hunt for ‘foreign-funded activists’ – Markham On Energy column

Sandy Garrosino explains why “foreign-funded activists” conspiracy theorists have it all wrong – video interview

“Foreign-funded activist” public inquiry unique in Canadian legal history – video interview with Martin Olszynski, University of Calgary law

Sandy Garossino on the futility of the Alberta Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns – video interview with Sandy Garossino, journalist and former crown prosecutor

Debunked: Vivian Krause’s Tar Sands Campaign conspiracy narrative – Energi Media deep dive

Pulling back the curtain on Tides Canada – video interview with Joanna Kerr, CEO of Tides Canada (now Makeway)

Anti-energy public inquiry reports are “textbook climate denialism” says law prof – video interview with Martin Olszynski, University of Calgary law

Ecojustice demands changes to Alberta public inquiry into ‘foreign-funded,’ anti-oil activism, threatens lawsuit – Markham On Energy column

Oops…what if the Alberta forensic audit into foreign-funded activism doesn’t have enough documents to audit? – Markham On Energy column

Is Enbridge secretly funding, managing pro-pipeline ‘astroturf’ group in Minnesota? – Markham On Energy column

BC Liberal claims about “foreign-funded activists” meant to distract from money laundering probe – video interview with Sandy Garossino, journalist and former crown prosecutor

Kenney govt introduces “Critical Infrastructure Defence Act,” adds penalties for illegal protests – video interview with Jonathan Denis, former Alberta justice minister and attorney general

Are Coastal GasLink pipeline protesters “foreign-funded activists”? No, says Sandy Garossino – view interview

Government Criticism

Kenney, Savage must not be allowed to hijack Canada’s just transition with conspiracy-mongering – by Markham Hislop, op-ed, National Observer

Canada GHG inventory: Alberta still biggest emitter by a mile while betting farm on “wild card” tech – video interview with Ottawa-based energy journalist Shawn McCarthy

Election question: BC Hydro status quo or more market-based electricity system? – Markham on Energy column

Notley’s ban of BC wines from Alberta is a big mistake – Markham On Energy column

Labour nervous about Kenney musings that ABGov might create agency to invest in oil/gas projects – video interview with Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour

Alberta emulates Quebec: Is belligerence the best strategy to advance the oil/gas sector? – video interview with energy journalist Shawn McCarthy

Does the Yale Environmental Performance Index prove Canada has the cleanest oil/gas? No, says Yale – video interview with Zach Wendling, Yale University’s environmental performance index

Is Alberta oil the most ethical, the most responsibly produced in the world? – Part 1 – video interview with Nikki Way, a senior analyst with the Pembina Institute

Is Alberta gas/oil the most ethical, responsibly produced in the world? – Part 2 – video interview with environmental law professor Martin Olszynski

Max Fawcett: Kenney treating Trudeau’s climate policy gift like a lump of coal – video interview with energy journalist Max Fawcett

Energy, climate after BC election (Oct., 2020) – video interview with Stewart Prest, a political scientist at Simon Fraser University

Kenney govt’s Bill 1 unconstitutional, designed to suppress legitimate dissent and protest – video interview with Prof. Jennifer Koshan, University of Calgary Law

Fair Deal Panel should not be asking Albertans if they support separatism – video interview with energy journalist Shawn McCarthy


Adam Legge, the business leader Alberta needs now – video interview with Adam Legge, president of the Business Council of Alberta

Biz group unveils progressive 3-pronged strategy for Alberta post-COVID-19 economic, fiscal future – video interview with Adam Legge, president of the Business Council of Alberta

Buffalo Declaration exposes utter failure of modern Alberta oil and gas leadership – Markham On Energy

Leadership crisis in the Alberta-based oil and gas industry – Markham On Energy

How Alberta, industry are about to waste the PR value of the Climate Leadership Plan – Markham On Energy

Markham On Energy

Oil sands standing in way of Trudeau’s new 40% to 45% emissions target

$100 million for energy research? Why not invest $100 billion, instead?

Norway blacklisting Alberta oil sands companies is sign of things to come, not ‘hypocrisy’ or ‘climate political points’

Which way ya goin’, Alberta? Time to say farewell to junior oil/gas sector, invest heavily in oilfield technology, cleantech, manufacturing

With election of Liberal minority govt, Canada officially has an Alberta problem, with only one solution

Most important campaign policy issue Canadians aren’t discussing – the accelerating pace of global energy change

Judicial reviews of aboriginal consultation necessary until Ottawa gets it right

Should BC Transit have purchased 100% electric buses for Victoria?

Where’s the Alberta energy war room when you need it? Zurich Insurance Group penalizes oil sands, pipelines

Are Bill C69 amendments reasonable compromise or death knell for new pipelines?

Trudeau ‘energy transition’ speech positions him as global policy leader


On 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, IEA expands energy, climate work

The UCP needs to hurry up on hydrogen  – Robert Tremblay

BP’s peak oil prediction – and the future of oil in a net-zero Canada – Benjamin Israel, Pembina Institute

California’s power resource challenge holds lessons for clean energy transitions worldwide – IEA

New aggressive energy narrative may hurt, not help, Alberta with global investors – Eric Denhoff, former Alberta Environment deputy minister

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