The transition from fossil fuels to clean energy has begun but every country’s experience will be different. This section will tell the stories of people, communities, policymakers, and companies as they navigate the energy transition.


Chris Nelder, energy transition rock star – video interview with the host of the popular The Energy Transition Show podcast

The case for COVID-19 pandemic speeding up the energy transition – video interview with Kingsmill Bond

Is the energy transition arriving quickly or slowly? Hint: technology change is speeding up – video interview with Kingsmill Bond

The Role of Gas in the Energy Transition: Using data and markets to curb methane emissions – video interview with Cate Hight of Rocky Mountain Institute

Energy transition already affecting capital investment in oil and gas – video interview with Angus Rodger, Singapore-based senior analyst, Wood Mackenzie

Capital allocation dilemma in the energy transition – Energi Media article


Managing the energy transition: Pathways to Canada’s net-zero future – Anchor story interview with economist Jason Dion, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Time for an adult conversation about Canadian hydrocarbon, clean energy economies – Markham On Energy column

You may be surprised what Albertans REALLY think about the energy transition – Interview with Prof. Melanee Thomas

Net-zero emissions by 2050 requires a new approach – video interview with Dr. James Meadowcroft, research director of The Transition Accelerator

Alberta slowly adapting to energy transition – anchor story interview with economist Todd Hirsch

Can “innovation sandboxes” speed up Canadian energy transition? – video interview with Richard Carlson of Pollution Probe

Canadian energy transition so much more than wind, solar – video interview with Robert Hornung, CEO of Canadian Renewable Energy Association

Canadian Energy Regulator: Policy, technology change key drivers of Canada’s energy transition – Energi Media article

How do you accelerate the energy transition? With the Transition Accelerator at the University of Calgary, of course – video interview with Prof. David Layzell, Director of the Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research

Suncor, Alberta Innovates op-ed a game-changer as oil and gas industry finally embraces energy transition – Markham On Energy column

Trudeau ‘energy transition’ speech positions him as global policy leader – Markham On Energy column

How to be an energy transition winner: invest $10 billion in Canadian infrastructure – Markham On Energy column

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