New technology is the principal driving force behind the energy transition. This section will examine the process of adopting of new energy technologies while telling stories about the importance of innovation and innovators.


Vancouver tech firm creates platform to help decarbonize global energy systems – Mischa Steiner, CEO of Awesense

Can “innovation sandboxes” speed up Canadian energy transition? – video interview with Richard Carlson, Pollution Probe

Geeking out on innovation diffusion theory – Energi Talks podcast interview with Dr. Christina Hoicka, York University


Canada’s Li-Cycle prepares for global expansion of battery recycling biz with $615 million deal – video interview with Kunal Phalpher, chief commercial officer of Li-Cycle

Solar-powered greenhouses in the Yukon? Even in the winter?

eMethanol solution to low-carbon transportation?

Lithium and nanotech: The story of innovator Amanda Hall

A Canada that promotes clean innovation while creating jobs – article by Pembina Institute

Turning waste hydrogen into low-carbon truck fuel – video interview with Badr Abuljawad of Hydra Energy

Amazing Canadian “water rotor” innovation – video interview with Fred Ferguson, CEO of Waterotor Energy Technologies

New Technologies

Removing CO2 from atmosphere is getting closer: Carbon Engineering breaks ground on ‘innovation centre’

E-fuels need better tech before they’re economic, practical – video interview with Dr. Alex Holland, UK-based IdTechEX


New membranes turn CO2 into biofuels, ‘green’ feedstock for plastics

$100 million for energy research? Why not invest $100 billion, instead? – Markham On Energy Column

Is “bitumen beyond combustion” the future of the oil sands? Should Alberta fund the research? – video interview with Dr. Sara Hasting-Simon, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Sustainable Fuels

Suncor, Shell invest in sustainable jet fuel producer – video interview with Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of Chicago-based LanzaJet

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