The future is electric: 1. Sometime this century, electricity will become the leading source of primary energy for the global economy; 2. changes wrought by the Second Age of Electricity will usher in thrilling advances to human civilization.

The 2nd Age of Electricity…this time we’re electrifying EVERYTHING

Tony Seba: Electric revolution by 2030?

The Energi Declaration: An Optimistic, Moderate Vision of Canada’s Energy Future

The Energi Vision for Canadian Oil and Gas: Preparing for a Post-Combustion Future

“Rethinking Humanity.” An extraordinary interview with American futurist Tony Seba of RethinkX – video interview

Electric vehicles will kill global oil industry by 2030, says Stanford economist Tony Seba

BP’s peak oil prediction – and the future of oil in a net-zero Canada – opinion

Federal oil/gas bailout: Once again, Canada having the wrong conversation about energy future – Markham On Energy column

Innovation, energy efficiency central to energy future – opinion (International Energy Agency)

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