Canadian Gasoline Prices

Canadian Gasoline Prices

Source: Kent Group Ltd.
Description: A line chart compares the weekly retail price of gasoline in select Canadian cities and the Canadian average. Components making up this price are charted, specifically taxes, marketing margin, refining margin and crude price. These components are added together to get the retail price with taxes. From 2013 to May, 22 2018 the lowest average price was recorded during the week of February 16, 2016. Since then, prices in every selected market have been trending upward. As of May, 22 2018 the weekly average retail pump prices in select markets reached the following levels, ordered from highest retail price including tax. Vancouver: 160.6 cents/L, Victoria: 155.6 cents/L , Whitehorse: 144.9 cents/L, Montréal: 141.8 cents/L, Canada (Average): 140.1 cents/L, Ottawa: 138.8 cents/L, Toronto: 138.6 cents/L, St. John’s: 137.2 cents/L, Yellowknife: 136.7 cents/L, Calgary: 132.6 cents/L, Charlottetown: 132.3 cents/L, Halifax: 131.0 cents/L, Edmonton: 130.5 cents/L, Fredericton: 129.6 cents/L, Winnipeg: 125.9 cents/L, Regina: 125.7 cents/L, and Saskatoon: 124.6 cents/L.

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