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Description: This diagram shows biogas and renewable natural gas sources, components, and uses. Biogas sources are landfills, agricultural waste, food waste, wastewater, and wood waste. Biogas is made up of methane, carbon dioxide, and other gasses and is purified to become renewable natural gas. The uses of biogas are local heating and electricity. Renewable natural gas consists of methane and can replace fossil fuel-derived natural gas. It can be injected into natural gas networks or used as fuel in transport.

RNG is a low carbon-intensity fuel

RNG is a low carbon-intensity fuelDefinition* primarily because it comes from renewable organic sources like agricultural, wood and food waste.Footnote6 The production of all energy sources involves associated life cycle emissionsDefinition*. Although life cycle emissions can vary for each project, RNG will reduce total emissions compared to fossil fuel-derived natural gas because RNG projects usually involve capturing methane generated from organic sources that otherwise would have been released into the atmosphereFootnote7.

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