EVs graph 3

EVs graph 3

Source: NEB

Description: The chart shows estimated LCODs by year, vehicle type, region, and EF2018 Case. In 2020, EV cars in most provinces have a lower LCOD than ICE cars. By 2030, EV cars in all provinces have a lower LCOD. In most provinces, except those with the most expensive electricity, EV trucks have a lower LCOD. In 2040, EV cars and trucks in all provinces have a lower LCOD.

For example, the Reference Case Canadian LCOD is $0.33/km for an EV car, $0.34 for an ICE car, $0.44 for an EV truck and $0.42 for an ICE truck in 2020. However by 2040, the LCOD of an EV car drops to $0.29/km, and to $0.33 for a comparable ICE car. In the same year the LCOD for an EV truck reaches $0.37/km and $0.41 for an ICE truck.

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