Experts estimate that low-carbon electricity will replace two-thirds of fossil fuel energy and the remaining one-third will come primarily from hydrogen, which will be used in industries like long-haul freight and steel-making.


You’ve heard of green and blue hydrogen, now there’s an “aqua” variety – video interview with Prof. Harrie Vredenburg, Haskyne School of Business at the University of Calgary

New Hydrogen BC aiming to set up demand, supply “hubs” to promote clean fuel – video interview with Matthew Klippenstein, Hydrogen BC,

New “hub” to spur hydrogen development coming to Edmonton – video interview with Dan Wicklum, executive director of the Transition Accelerator,

Thumbs up from industry for Ottawa’s new hydrogen strategy

Hydrogen “A New Hope” for Canada – video interview with Sarah Petrevan, policy director for Clean Energy Canada

Canadian provinces all want a horse in the race for hydrogen fuel options – video interview with energy journalist Shawn McCarthy

Three reasons why the IEA report on hydrogen is a game-changer – article by International Energy Agency

Cleantech, hydrogen are major foreign investment opportunities in Canada – video interview with Stephen Beatty, KPMG

Biden win a big opportunity for Canada’s clean energy sector– video interview with Dr. Sara Hastings-Simon, Colorado School of Mines

Decarbonizing the tough stuff: industry, heavy-duty transport – video interview with Laetitia de Villepin, Energy Transitions Commission

BC serious about hydrogen economy – video interview with Mark Kirby, CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


Suncor, Shell invest in sustainable jet fuel producer – video interview with Jimmy Samartzis, LanzaJet,

Green Hydrogen

HyDeal LA creates huge hydrogen cluster to help de-carbonize Los Angeles – video interview with Dave Bennett, FortisBC

Sundance Hydrogen project for NE BC could be revolutionary – video interview with Juergen Puettre, CEO of Renewable Hydrogen Canada

“Green hydrogen” electrolyzers set for widespread adoption during 2020s – video interview with Dr. Daniele Gatti, IDTechEX

Producing hydrogen from offshore wind for industry in Europe – article by International Energy Agency

Nanomaterials hold promise for producing hydrogen from water – 2018 article

Blue Hydrogen

How hydrogen can reduce natural gas CO2 emissions – article by Canadian Energy Regulator

ATCO hydrogen blending project receives funding from ERA – article

Canada ready to produce blue hydrogen now, green hydrogen as low-cost renewable energy expands – video interview with Thomas Kock-Blank, Rocky Mountain Institute

Hydrogen – Infrastructure

The hydrogen economy is coming but how do we get it to market? – video interview with Shayne Willette, analyst, Guidehouse Research

Does Canada need a coast to coast energy corridor for hydrogen pipelines? – video interview with Maggie Hanna, geologist and Energy Futures Lab fellow

Hydrogen – Transporation

Hydrogen car – and fuelling stations! – coming soon to your neighbourhood courtesy of HTEC – video interview

Coming soon to Canada…the Hydrogen Highway. Freight hauling pilot project launching in 2021 – video interview with Prof. David Layzell, research director, Transition Accelerator, University of Calgary.

CP railway announces hydrogen-powered locomotive pilot project – article

Toyota to boost investment in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – article

Unilia Fuel Cells electrifying big trucks – video interview with Robert Artibise, general manager of BC-based Unilia Fuel Cells

Decarbonize heavy transport like rail, aviation? Hydrogen might be just what the engineer ordered – video interview with Thomas Kock-Blank, Rocky Mountain Institute

Hydrogen – Industry

How to use hydrogen to replace coal, natural gas for industrial processes like steel manufacturing – video interview with Thomas Kock-Blank, Rocky Mountain Institute

Hydrogen – Buildings


Hydrogen – Power Generation

Should Alberta switch from coal to hydrogen instead of natural gas? – video interview with Maggie Hanna, geologist and Energy Futures Lab fellow

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