newfoundland electricity grid

newfoundland electricity grid

Source: Emera, NB Power, Hydro Québec
Description: This map shows cross border electricity transmission lines, relevant provincial links, and interconnections between Canada and the U.S.:

Red line – a power line from the Churchill Falls generation site in Labrador to Quebec.
Light green line – the link between Churchill Falls and Muskrat Falls, Labrador.
Yellow line – the recently completed Labrador Island Transmission Link from the Muskrat Falls generation site to Soldier’s Pond, Newfoundland.
Dark green line – existing infrastructure between the Labrador Island Transmission Link and the Maritime Transmission Link.
Purple line – the recently completed Maritime Transmission Link from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia.
Dark green line – existing infrastructure from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick to Maine.
In addition, several major power line interconnections are marked on the map at the borders between Quebec and Ontario; the borders between Quebec, New York, and Vermont; and New Brunswick and Maine.

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