Husky Energy adopts fiber optic sensing technology to make new pipelines safer

Hifi Engineering’s HDS technology will be new standard for Husky’s new large diameter pipelines

The Husky oil spill into a major Canadian river last summer that cut off drinking water supply for two Saskatchewan cities was caused by ground movement that buckled a section of pipeline, the company said in a report to the Saskatchewan government.

The Husky oil spill cut off the drinking water supply of two Saskatchewan cities last summer. Engineers believe the cause of the spill was ground movement caused by heavy rain. CBC News photo.

The company is now making Hifi Engineering’s new fiber optic sensing platform the new design standard for new Husky Midstream large diameter pipeline projects.

The new high-fidelity dynamic sensing system (or HDS™) is a specialized data interrogation and analysis platform developed to enhance and support Hifi’s proprietary fiber optic sensors.

“We are very excited to be deploying Hifi’s new HDS technology across pipeline industry installations in Canada and the United States. Adding the improved long distance capacity and machine learning capability to our HDS technology can help to support the industry in achieving 100% pipeline safety,” said John Hull, Hifi’s founder and chief Ttchnology officer.

The HDS system has been first deployed by Husky Midstream, and is currently on a number of shorter pipeline segments in high consequence areas as well as a new longer distance pipeline build in excess of 150 kilometers.

The Hifi system delivers highly accurate integrated sensing of acoustics, temperature, vibration and strain.

The increased channel capacity and new machine learning capability reinforces HDS as the industry standard for multiple applications, including highly technical applications such as preventative pipeline leak detection.

Hifi’s HDS technology development was assisted by the Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products, a unique industry-led product development centre with an advanced technology focus on electronics hardware, firmware, sensors, and embedded systems.

“ACAMP is proud to have helped contribute to Hifi’s powerful HDS technology and play a part in improving pipeline safety for the industry,” said Ken Brizel, CEO for ACAMP.

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