Canada needs a coast to coast energy corridor for hydrogen pipelines – Zoffee with Maggie Hanna

Maggie Hanna is a geologist, fellow of the Energy Futures Lab, and “technology scout.” She is also one of Canada’s leading proponent of transitioning to a hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is energy-dense and when burned the only byproduct is water. That makes hydrogen a great substitute for diesel in long-haul trucking and metallurgical coal for making steel, among many applications.

“Blue hydrogen” is made with natural gas and the carbon dioxide is sequestered in old oil and gas reservoirs, which Hanna says are perfect for long-term storage. Electrolysis and low-carbon electricity is used to create “green hydrogen,” which is still three or four times more costly to produce than the blue variety.

In this Zoffee, Hanna explains her support for an energy corridor stretching across Canada that would be home to hydrogen pipelines, as well as other energy infrastructure, such as transmission lines.

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