TransCanada gives $600,000 of scholarships for trades, leadership in Canada, US, Mexico

TransCanada’s new scholarship program supports students pursuing post-secondary education across Canada and the U.S. Photo: TransCanada

Photo: TransCanada

Qualification focuses on leadership skills and community involvement, not solely academic performance

TransCanada Corporation announced it is expanding its community scholarships program to further help hundreds of North Americans gain skills to realize their goals and prosper in the workforce, according to a press release.

Last year’s launch of the program saw close to 300 scholarships awarded in Canada and the U.S., the program has expanded its reach to include students in Mexico – where a new TransCanada Women’s Scholarship is intended to help women continue their academic studies so they can improve their economic situation.

Overall, $600,000 will be offered through the program this year with over 350 scholarships available in the following categories:

  • TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship (Canada, U.S., Mexico)
  • TransCanada Indigenous Legacy Scholarship (Canada, U.S., Mexico)
  • TransCanada Trades Scholarship (Canada and U.S.)
  • TransCanada Women’s Scholarship (Mexico)

“Removing barriers to education helps clear the way for people to pursue their passions, support their families and better their communities,” said Kristine Delkus, TransCanada’s executive VP, stakeholder and technical services and general counsel.

Students have three different scholarship options to choose from:

  • TransCanada Trades– Up to 150 awards worth $1,000 each offered to students pursuing a career in trades relevant to the energy industry.
  • TransCanada Indigenous Legacy – Up to 50 awards worth $5,000 each offered to First Nations, Métis, Inuit or Native American students pursuing any post-secondary education.
  • TransCanada Community Leaders– Up to 100 awards worth $1,000 each offered to students pursuing any post-secondary education who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities through volunteer work, community participation, leadership or other activities.

“TransCanada has the privilege of living, working and operating in hundreds of communities across the continent and we believe that helping students succeed is the most powerful way we can help our communities flourish,” Delkus concluded.

The program is administered entirely by TransCanada and is unique in that the qualification criteria focuses on demonstration of leadership skills and community involvement, not solely on academic performance.

Applications open on Jan. 18 and close April 15, 2018 at 11:59:59 EST. To learn more about the qualification criteria, and meet some of last year’s recipients, students are encouraged to visit

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